General Care & Maintenance

Stone countertops can last for decades with proper care and maintenance. It’s important to realize that even though stone is hard, it can be porous and susceptible to scratching, etching, and staining if not cared for properly. Stone is made up of organic compounds that vary in density depending on material. Just use common sense in your daily life and you won’t have any problems.

Make sure you don’t leave any liquids sitting on the counter for long periods of time, especially oils. These liquids can seep into your stone and stain. Be kind to your stone and it will be kind to you! For everyday care of your countertops, we recommend using warm water and a cloth. For more substantial spills, use a non-abrasive kitchen cleaner. General purpose sprays are suitable as long as they are non-caustic and bleach-free. We do no recommend the use of vinegar or bathroom cleaners on any stone. Many stores now carry granite and natural stone cleaners that are specially formulated for use on stone.

Always use coasters and trivets on your countertops. This will prevent thermal expansion which can cause cracks and even scorch marks for very hot items.

Natural stone should be sealed once a year with a sealer designed for natural stone. Many home improvement retailers carry sealant that is acceptable for use on our natural stone.

Engineered quartz does not require sealing.

An excellent resource on on stone care is found here.

Natural Stone

Natural stone has some specific characteristics that require special care. From Granite to Marble, each stone needs different things. Our guide can be found in the link below.

View our care guide for natural stone here

Engineered Quartz

An easy maintenance program is what draws many people to the look of engineered quartz. Despite it’s bulletproof exterior, you still need to care for your quartz countertops.

View our care guide for engineered quartz here.