Design Trends

If you’ve been following trends, you may have noticed that a driving factor in tastes is a sense of individuality. Instead of cookie cutter spaces that all look the same, homeowners are empowered to have a unique take on style and truly make a space that is theirs. Through creative interior design, homeowners are creating environments that are comfortable and stylish but centered around their own interests and life experience. Home magazines are now channels of self expression rather than museums of stoic grandeur. While styles and trends may come and go, self expression is a lasting touch that can be the cornerstone of a successful space.

Of late, the largest influence of design is the concept of luxury and its application to nearly every aspect of life. Instead of commodities, everything from bread and water is now a component of a “luxury lifestyle.” This has shaded our view of everything. Natural stone countertops were once viewed as a luxury, now they are fairly common in most new construction. Rare and exotic stones are now being used in kitchen and bath applications when they were once reserved for the palaces of royalty.

Our goal is to provide this everyday luxury to our customers through one of the largest collections of stone slabs in the Houston metro area.

Stay up to date on the latest design trends in natural and engineered stone. Here are some of our favorite places to follow style online:

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There are many other resources available from around the world. We update our blog periodically to bring you new ideas. Check it out here.