What’s Hot in Countertops

Wondering what’s hot in kitchen and bath trends right now? We deal in hundreds of varieties of natural & engineered stone, so we see what designers and builders are looking for in creating new and exciting projects.

White Hot!
As you probably already know, white counters are the biggest thing. Whether it’s natural or engineered, clean white countertops is the trend to match. New materials are coming to market that offer a twist on this by adding subtle movement and texture to the clean looks. Marbles are giving way to quartzites and engineered stones that offer more durability and similar looks. Even classic granite countertops are staying up to date with new quarries producing the cleanest granites we’ve ever seen.

Gray in a big way…

For those that can’t handle a crispy white space, Gray offers a more muted take while upping the sophistication level. Gray has firmly moved into the neutral category and we are seeing it on walls, floors, and countertops. There are plenty of natural stone options that feature gray. Marble, Quartzite, Travertine, and Granite all have excellent options. Engineered stone allows you to get the purest look, with solid expanses of color to unify the space.


Leathered and Honed surfaces are another way to set your home apart. A honed finish is silky smooth, but matte in appearance. A leathered treatment is one that accentuates the natural movements in the stone, and has a smooth, but stippled or subtle bumpy texture. Both these finishes invite people to touch and feel. The tactile joy can also hide messy counters more so than a polished finish. These finishes are featured in a variety of natural and engineered stones.

Big Veins
It seems that everyone loves the look of marble. But certain types of marble are drawing the biggest crowds. Calacattas with dramatic vein structures and high contrasts are the best selling types. They are also the most reproduced by engineered surfaces. Designers love Statuario, Breccia, and Arabescato varieties that offer artful movement and instantly convey a sense of luxury.